When you call 911, be prepared to answer a few simple questions to aid emergency
responders in responding to and handling the emergency.  Questions will include
the location of the emergency, your phone number (for the dispatcher to call back if
further information is required) and the nature of the emergency.  Please be familiar
with your location.  Although wireless/cellular E-911 services are available to
wireless calls inside Mayes County (Mayes Co 911 is Phase II compliant), you are
best served if you are familiar with your location.  If you call 911 to report an
emergency from any phone, please be prepared to tell the dispatcher your exact
location.  Depending on your service provider and your specific location, your call
may be answered at a
PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point/911 Center) located
outside of Mayes County.
MESTA utilizes the Emergency Priority Dispatch System.  The most advanced and
comprehensive emergency medical dispatch system available.  All of our dispatchers
are required to become
NAEMD certified shortly after employment and to maintain